Welcome to the Solventia home page. Solventia offers interim management services in the fields of Finance, Information Technology and General Management to businesses in the UK and Europe.

What do we mean by Interim Management ?

An Interim Manager is someone who has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to join or lead a management team, often during a period of business change and with the experience to make a rapid contribution.

How is it different to a consultancy ?

An Interim Manager will accept the responsibility for specific projects, tasks or needs and through their own efforts will often provide the solution. They work from the inside of a company, live with the company and are not simply an external advisor.

Who is Interim Management Suitable for ?

There are many occasions when the skills of an interim manager can help. They are often used by businesses who are going through a time of significant change, where the skills that are required are not available from within a business, where gaps have appeared in management teams or if a project is making excessive demands upon the internal resources of a company

How long will the contract period be ?

That very much depends on your needs. Though some can last just a few weeks, they can extend for 6 months or even a year.

Typically an interim contract is established on a full time basis, though it is also possible to offer a part time arrangement for a number days per month, this is driven by your business needs. 

With the experience of multiple ERP and other business software implementations we have the experience to leverage those systems to the advantage of your business.

For further details of our experience please take a trip to our skills or case-studies page



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